Computer-IT IDP/UDP Guidelines

7th Semester = 4 credit

8th Semester = 12 credit

In the 7th Semester 50 marks are to be given for Problem Definition which is to be given in a specified format. The format may be specified by dept. /college. The common form for the problem definition can be downloaded from GTU website.

Guidelines for the Students:

  1. The students are required to identify their problem during the summer of 2011 and they are required to follow all the rules and instructions issued by department, for safety and other requirements.
  2. Each student or student group would work under the guidance of the Faculty from the College. In case any problem/other issue arises for the smooth progress of IDP discovery/Practical Training, it should be immediately brought to the notice of the Udisha club co-ordinator/Faculty /Department/Principal or Chairman of your Sankul.
  3. The students are required to submit the Problem Definition (in the specified format) to their Head of the Department in their College during the first week of the 7th semester.
  4. Problem is to be located from industry floor and then it has to be developed in 7th and 8th semester in college with possible periodic inputs from concerned industries. Both the project parts are single major project. Student has complete work in College premise only under supervision of College teacher along with Other Subjects/Course as per Teaching Scheme
  5. Any student can pick an industry in any Sankul as per his/her feasibility. He/she is allowed to choose any particular industry and interdisciplinary projects are allowed inside same college. Student has complete work in College premise only under supervision of College teacher along with Other Subjects/Course as per Teaching Scheme
  6. The project is mandatory for each branch. Sankuls are not boundary for choosing an IDP. Any students can be linked to anywhere.
  7. The project work will be in-house industry project, where student need to implement project related to any domain of industry like education, legal, manufacturing, design, pharmaceutical, Ecommerce, etc.
  8. Students are required to get approval of project definition from the department.
  9. After approval of project definition students are required to report their project work weekly to respective internal guide.
  10. Maximum 4 students can allow working in particular project group.
  11. Students have to submit project with following listed documents after the approval of their project definition. Format for same will be provided by department.
    1. Project Synopsis
    2. Software Requirement Specification
    3. SPMP
    4. Final Project Report
    5. Company certificate
    6. Project Setup file with Source code
    7. Project Presentation (PPT)

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