Electronics and Communication IDP/UDP Guide

7th Semester – 4 credit

8th Semester – 18 credit

  1. Every student individually or in a group (group size is of 2-3 students. However, if project complexity demands a maximum group size of 4 students, the departmental committee should be convinced about such complexity and scope of the work.) shall take a project in the beginning of the seventh semester in consultation with the guide and the project must be completed in the eight semester. The individual or group can complete two different projects in both semesters (i.e. 7th and 8th) if they wish to do so.
  2. The project proposal must be submitted in the institute in the beginning of the seventh semester. While submitting project proposal care is to be taken that project will be completed within the available time of two terms. The individual’s or group’s project should involve analysis, design, and implementation and testing of substantial hardware, software or any combination thereof in the field of study in the seventh semester. The final title of the project work should be submitted at the beginning of the eighth semester.

Topic should be related to

  • Any application in the field of Electronics and Communication.
  • Investigation of the latest development in a specific field of Electronics and Communication
  • The investigation of practical problem in manufacture and / or testing of electronics communication equipments
  • The Microprocessor / Microcontroller based applications projects
  • Software development/Simulation project related to VLSI, Communication, Instrumentation, Signal Processing , Image Processing,GIS, Remote sensing applications etc
  • Interdisciplinary projects should be encouraged. The examination will be conducted
  • independently in respective departments.

3. Periodical monitoring and assessment will be done by the internal guides

4. A project report will be prepared and submitted for a viva – voce examination at the end of term.

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