Wikimedia Tool setup for LCM-Dashboard (GSoC Project)

Wikimedia tools login screen using ssh

Wikimedia tools login screen using ssh

wikimedia tool setup is very tedious work but #wikimedia-labs helps a lot.

After creating an account and being approved by admin. You will log in to your tool using this command.

ssh -A

After logging into your tool you have to use following command to switch to your service

become toolname

Now this have following things

  • public_html – where you can place your html, php, css, js

  • cgi-bin – where you can place your python script etc

  • – contains username and password

Now Creation of databse for your project

In the first step you have to find you username and password by using “” file.

After that your database name must be USERNAME__DBNAME (2 underscore)

mysql --defaults-file="${HOME}"/ -h tools-db 

after that MariaDB console will open and in that you can create databasw


you can access this database by using this command

mysql --defaults-file="${HOME}"/ -h tools-db USERNAME__DBBAME

If you want to connect the database to your project

host = tools-db
uname = your_username
pass = your_password

Then you can push the file to remote using git via clone or you can use scp command to push files from remote to local like this

scp <files><tool-name>

Hope it will help you 🙂

Link of my tools on wikimedia labs : lcm-dashboard

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