Want More Follower on Twitter? – Use “Twtify”


This free and easy application helps Twitter users increase their followers.

If you currently have a Twitter account, then you automatically have a Twtify account.  To use this application, just enter your Twitter information and you’re ready to go.

Click on the ‘Increase Followers’ tab and input one keyword and hit start. It would be in your best interest to type one word at a time so you can get the best search results.

Once you click the start button, Twtify will search Twitter for users with that particular keyword in their timeline or biography. Twtify then automatically follows those people for you.

Logging into Twtify automatically puts you into their database of users to follow. This means that whenever a user searches for a keyword that matches your profile, they will automatically follow you because of the Twtify application.

Unlike some of the other ‘follow trains’ out there, Twtify is free and tries its hardest to prevent spammers from using the site.

Twtify does have a limit of how many people you can follow at one time. With this limit in place, you must wait before imputing another keyword.

It is definitely an app to look out for!

Website: (Twtify)

Twitter: @twtify

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