5G Technology

5G Technology

5G phoneTechnology is getting more and more advance now a days. Every day is like a birth day for a new technology. Since the invention of mobile phones each decade seems like we are stepping in to new era of technology. Firstly, we only used wired telephones, then we used cell phones and now here are Smart phones. We all like to have a smart phone in our pocket. This modification of technology is not a result of one night but it has taken many years to establish it. Earlier we have 2G, then there comes 2.5 G and after that 3G, 3.5G and now we are even using 4G(Not for India).What is the benefit of using these smart phones and what is the next in Generation of technology. Here is your answer. It is 5G.

Telephone companies are not using 5G term for this new technology instead they are considering it to say advance 4G. Here in this article I want to share some knowledge about this New Generation technology.

What is 5G ?

Every “G” added to technology refers to advancement in previously available technology. In the same way 5G is the new Generation of mobile and telephony technology. It is said that this will give high bit rate transfer with low costs. It will give high peak rate than the previous one. It is assumed that it will offer low infrastructure deployment cost and high capacity of simultaneous users.

What 5G has for users

As of now, there is a time for 5G to come in the market. But researchers are working to take it to the level which users could not even assume now. Some of the features that 5G will give are listed below

  1. High bit transfer rate
  2. Near about 1 GBPS speed
  3. Low traffic rates
  4. Better coverage
  5. Better security for users
  6. High resolution
  7. Remote Diagnostic
  8. Larger bandwidth

Some differences between 4G and 5G

Right now, 5G is purely an assumption while users are experiencing 4G. There is much to experience in 4G but 5G promise us to give much better features then 4G. I am giving some differences between 4G and 5G

  1. While 4G has bandwidth of 5MHz, it is supposed that 5G would have bandwidth up to 20 MHz (appx.).
  2. 4G does not support multiple user while 5G will have this feature.
  3. 4G offers some type of security for user but 5G would offer higher security.
  4. 5G would have higher bandwidth than 4G
  5. 5G would be cheaper than 4G
  6. There would be high resolution in 5G than 4G.

Researches going on to be implemented in 5G

1. Researchers are working so that the user can simultaneously be connected to several wireless access technologies and can switch between them.
2. Instead of Internet Protocol version 4(IPv4) it will use IPv6.
3. It would have user centric network concept.

There are many other research going on. We hope to see them soon.

Smart phones expected to use 4G and 5G Technology

There are a few smart phones which promises to have 5G in future. In Apple iPhone5 and Nokia morph we would experience this technology. But you have to wait for them.
While if you want to experience a smart phone with 4G technology you can go any of the smart phone written below

  1.  Apple iPhone 4s
  2.  Nokia Lumia 900
  3.  HTC Titan 2